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Next to your Clubs, your Golf Balls are the most important piece of equipment you can choose. There are many makes and designs (internally) to choose from for all different purposes. Maybe you want more speed, or lift. How about if you want more or less spin. It is all up to you when choosing your balls.

The Callaway Hex Black Tour comes in a $46 a dozen which is the going rate for premium balls. The five-piece construction starts with the softest inner core and the firmest outer core in company history all in order to produce the biggest difference between driver-shot spin and wedge-shot spin. The firm outer mantle is for speed, and the soft inner mantle is to help absorb impact. A slightly thicker thermoplastic urethane cover than last year’s model is designed for softer feel.

The Nike 20 XI-S / 20 XI-X also comes in at the same price of $46 per dozen. These balls cores are constructed of an injection-molded polymer resin and not the traditional rubber. Nike believes this improves the power of the core and stretch the ratio better between low spin off the driver and high spin off the wedge. All by increasing the balls moment of inertia with denser outer layers versus less dense inner layers.

If you’re an Eco Friendly kinda Golfer then you might be interested in the Dixon Fire. Dixon considerers this ball to be the “Worlds First 100% Pro-Performance Eco-Friendly Golf Ball.” Well if you want this ball then it will cost you $60 per dozen. A bit on the high side but get this. The company offers a $6 credit for turning in a dozen of old balls for recycling.

If you’re not into spending a whole lot of money on your balls then there are plenty of choices for you. Just about every golf company including Callaway, Titleist, Bridgestone, and Top Flight offers a discount ball. Hey if you are just starting out then this is a good thing.