Cleveland Launcher Hi-Bore

Item Number: 008
Developed with Distance Driven Geometry, this revolutionary new driver features the lowest, deepest center of gravity in golf, face-centered performance and a sleek clubhead that sits on a chassis that’s 15% larger than other large volume drivers.

The Cleveland HiBORE driver separates itself from traditional drivers by using Distance Driven Geometry to perfectly align the center of gravity projection with the center of the clubface. The CGP is the single point on the clubface where no head rotation or “gear effect” occurs at impact. Traditional drivers have a high CGP which makes the top of the clubface the only area capable of producing efficient launch conditions. The problem is that when golfers hit the ball high on the face, they sacrifice energy transfer. By aligning the CGP with the hottest part of the face, the HiBORE produces higher launching and lower spinning drives without the losses in ball speed typically seen with high face impacts on other drivers. The larger sweet spot resulting from this alignment also produces tighter dispersion.

The HiBORE’s extra large chassis out sizes other large volume drivers by 15% for maximized stability. Internally, 25 grams of discretionary weight has been added to make it the longest, straightest driver ever tested by Cleveland Golf.

“There are about a handful of products that you would say actually changed golf,” said Greg Hopkins, president/CEO of Cleveland Golf. “The HiBORE driver is definitely going to change golf. We’ve made some good drivers in the past, but the HiBORE is in a league of its own.”

Though initially the HiBORE driver looks to be a departure from Cleveland Golf’s traditional roots, its conventional profile and satin finish actually inspire added confidence at address.