Mizuno MX-500

Item Number: 003
The Mizuno MX-500 driver delivers a high trajectory, optimum spin rates, and maximum ball speed for long, straight drives.
A new, innovative graphite toe insert and graphite top crown allow the ideal amount of weight redistribution around the club head, thus positioning the COG lower and deeper creating a huge sweet area and a high, straight ball flight. Mizuno engineers were able to save 23 grams of weight in the crown by using carbon fibre composite, which is one-third the weight of titanium, and repositioned that weight around the club head to create an extremely low and deep COG thereby enabling players to launch the ball with greater ease for maximum distance. In addition, through an innovative graphite toe insert, 7 grams of weight was re-distributed low and towards the heel to square the face at impact resulting in straighter tee shots. A Perimeter Weight Slot further distributes weight deep and toward the perimeter for increased forgiveness and a high, easy launch. The MX-500 driver features the next generation of Mizuno’s CORTECH multi-thickness face design which now utilizes six multi-thickness areas to generate the maximum Coefficient of Restitution (COR) the USGA allows. CORTECH in the MX-500 is a combination of multiple thickness face and high strength materials to ensure uniform face deflection and a thin responsive face for increased distance and consistency. Furthermore, the MX-500 utilizes an X-sole design which provides exceptional solid feel and sound at contact, and a maximum allowable USGA 460cc volume for unparalleled forgiveness.