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Frequently Asked Questions

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Corporate Outing Whole-set Rentals

How much are Daily and Weekend Packages?

Daily Rental: $65
Weekend Rental*: $125
*Weekend rentals are for two days

How do you ship and receive the equipment?

Our bags are delivered by courier to your hotel, resort, or golf course. When you’re done using the clubs, our courier will pick up the bags from the course or other location.

Do you offer insurance for borrowed items in case of damage?

Yes! We are pleased to offer insurance for all rented items. With insurance, you will be covered from any excessive wear and tear your item may experience while on loan to you. This coverage does not include theft or loss. You will have the additional peace of mind knowing that regardless of the item’s condition, you will not be charged for any accidental damage.
Equipment Insurance
- Daily Rental Insurance: $10
- Weekend Rental Insurance: $17

How long will it take to receive my club sets after you receive my request?

As soon we receive your request, we check our inventory to confirm the availability of the club set you requested. If it is available, you will receive a confirmation email summarizing your order, including a delivery itinerary. If the item is not available, we’ll contact you to setup a replacement.


Who pays for shipping and handling?

Each set of clubs is charged with an additional shipping charge for roundtrip delivery. Typically for 10 sets the rate is $19.95 without rush delivery. The clubs will be delivered the day before the event and will be picked up the day after the event.

Are these “new” items? What condition are the items in?

All of our items are in either “new” or “like new” condition. We have very high standards at IGRS. Each item goes through an elaborate process of quality control before we allow it to be rented by one of our members.

What if the item I’m borrowing becomes dirty or breaks?

We hope you care for our items as if you were borrowing them from a friend, and that you’ll return the item in much the same way you received it. We understand that there will be some everyday “wear and tear” and there is no additional fee assessed in these instances. However, if the item is abused, broken beyond everyday “wear and tear” or lost, your account will be charged a reasonable repair or replacement fee. Some items, however, are not easily replaceable and a fee, up to full retail value, may be charged.

What happens if I fall and love with a club and want to keep it? Can I buy it?

If you fall in love with a club you have rented and want to buy it, we may give you a chance to buy it. If you have a club you are interested in purchasing, email us at, and we will consider the sale. Several factors will be considered to determine a price for this item including age of the item, condition and/or limited availability in the marketplace. Not all items are available for purchase. If you agree to our price, it will be billed to your credit card on file for your convenience.

Are there any minimum requirements?

4 sets per rental unless in the Atlanta or are renting long term.

Do you accept checks?

Yes, we do accept checks.

What are some advantages to renting?

There are lots of advantages. Here are just a few:
- Not risk having your clubs broken, damaged, or stolen.
- Not having to pay high prices for shipping or extra baggage on flights.
- Instead of lugging around your clubs, have them waiting for you at the course.