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Planning a golf event from start to finish can be an overwhelming task.
We have partnered with a few golf event planners to help simply that process, and take the hassle out of golf event management.

GolfDigest Tournament Planner

With GolfDigest Planner you are only 6 minutes away from setting up your event with a fully functional website! It is designed to help the first year organizer as well as the seasoned professional. Let us not forget to mention that it is free!

Great Golf Events

Great Golf Events provides a single-vendor solution to facilitate and manage all the necessary arrangements associated with your golf event. Their services are designed to manage the pre-event marketing, administration and logistical tasks that are traditionally managed by the Client.

GolfDigest Tournament Planner

TournEase helps reduce the time needed to organize golf outings and tournaments by up to 40%. They take the guesswork out of organizing golf events. Their online tool helps you with player registrion, accumulating rental needs, signage… By the way, it’s free.

GolfDigest Tournament Planner

Golf Event Magazine is your resource for golf outings and events. We have partnered with this magazine to provide you with invaluable golf event planning insight.