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Press Release January 10, 2007


New Club Rental Service Offers Freedom to Golfers

ATLANTA , GA., Jan 10, 2007 - International Golf Rental & Sales Incorporated (IGRS, Inc) announced today that it is expanding to serve all of the U.S. with a focus on the Southeastern states. A golfer can rent a single club on a weekly or monthly basis or he can rent a whole set for the day or weekend. The new service allows golfers to test drive a new club or set of clubs that they have been wanting without the commitment of a major purchase.

The company formed in 2006 after noticing the outdated process in which golf clubs are reviewed and sold. The founder noticed that in-store tests at various golf outlets did not allow him the experience he wished before making the commitment. Only by trying clubs on an actual course over a period of time would allow a golfer really understand if the purchase would help their game.

“Renting dated golf equipment from courses is asking for disaster, and traveling the country with cumbersome golf equipment is inconvenient,” says Trevor McCandless, President of IGRS, Inc. “Our clients relish the opportunity to access the same dashing, cutting edge equipment played by professional tour players without worrying about the commitment. We provide golfers with the latest in golfing technology without the risk.”

In addition to individual advantages, corporate companies have taken the proactive approach of this service, allowing them to choose top of the line golf clubs for traveling clients. Red Rock Holdings, LLC recently had six clients traveling from New York to Atlanta. With IGRS, Inc, they were able to ship the clubs directly to their hotel room when they arrived. “It would have been inconvenient to have them lug around their own equipment, plus we wanted to make a good impression. ” At the end of their trip, the golf clubs were dropped off at the concierge and picked up by IGRS. “It was pretty much hands free.”

IGRS, Inc adds some of the latest and greatest clubs to their collection everyday. By catering to the serious golfer or the novice who is interested in learning more about a particular club, IGRS provides a service that has long been missing in the golf industry.

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